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The "Hole Shebang" Combo

All three members sold together.  (Save $20)

    • Our product is 100% body safe. Even during creation, no toxic chemicals are used.

    • Since it is seamless, you can ride as much as you want with no fear of breaking or splitting.

    • Dishwasher safe and tolerant to heat up to 212ºF (the temperature of boiling water).

    • Each member is hand poured. Since each is a one of a kind product, you will see slight differences and maybe even some small imperfections. This is all part of having a hand made item! But even though each one is unique, they still deliver a 100% authentic Rick and Griff experience.

    • Clean with dish soap and hot water if washing by hand.

      • Used best with ManSlick hybrid based lube!
      •     Don't use any silicone based lubricants with this product.

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