Models - THK
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Unleash Your Inner Radiance!

Calling all trailblazers, trendsetters, and the fabulous at heart!
Are you ready to step into the spotlight and redefine the landscape of fashion? We're on the
lookout for dynamic, confident, and authentically YOU models to join our revolutionary family!

Why Us?

Celebrating Diversity: We believe in showcasing the kaleidoscope of identities within the
LGBTQ+ community. Your uniqueness is our strength!
Empowerment Through Fashion: Be the face of a brand that goes beyond clothing—it's a
movement of self-expression and liberation.
Breaking Barriers: Shatter stereotypes, challenge norms, and inspire others to embrace their
true selves. Become a catalyst for change in the fashion world.
Inclusivity Matters: We're not just looking for models; we're building a family that reflects the
vibrant spectrum of human experiences. All shades, shapes, and sizes are welcome!

Who Are We Looking For?

Confidence Igniters: Strut your stuff with pride and poise, setting the runway ablaze with your
Authentic Trailblazers: Embrace your individuality; we're not looking for cookie-cutter models
but vibrant souls with stories to tell.
Advocates of Empowerment: You're not just a model; you're a beacon of empowerment,
encouraging others to stand tall in their truth.
How to Join the Movement?
Ready to make a splash in the world of fashion and leave an indelible mark? Send us your
dazzling portfolio, a snapshot of your authentic self, and a brief story of what makes you, YOU!

Contact Us

Contact us here for all inquiries, including wholesale to retail opportunities