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In early 2020, on a remote, little island—not too far from Indonesia—we finally laid eyes on our first THK Classic Jock.  We were pumped!  The product fit well… it was surprisingly comfortable, and we reasoned, “How difficult could it possibly be to produce just one simple product?” Then COVID came in like a wrecking ball.  Our business plan, which centered around summer parties and gay extravaganzas, quickly diminished when the entire world shut down.  Sure, we considered waiting until life improved but by that time we had come too far to stop for a measly "cold."  So we pressed on, not only with jockstraps but we added swimsuits, bandanas, fans, and even… masks.. we designed A LOT of masks (we still have ‘em!).  And from there, we went into socks, onesies, and this year, a beautiful brief.

The good news, as it turned out, people were looking for something new and exciting.  If you remember, most of what came out in 2020 and 2021 often looked like how everyone felt: NOT CUTE!  We decided we were in it for the long haul and we haven’t stopped dreaming and designing!

With a brand so closely attached to thicker boys, we assumed that thick boys would be our target audience but that’s just not the case.  THK has become a brand for all!  We love having a big tent, one where everyone feels included and sexy.  We’ve remained true to our mission of designing sexy men’s apparel for THK boys.  The days of not finding your size are over. 

Lastly, it’s important to know companies are not people.  It’s people who make ideas work.  We are so grateful to our customers in over 13 countries and multiple retail stores across the country.  Please keep sending your photos… ya never know, you may just end up on our social media, or perhaps even a model at our next shoot.

And to our THK models… well, you know how we feel!

Stay THK everyone,

 Jesse, Ryan & Jay

Pink Beach, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia