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"Pleasures of LOVE ’23" explores the various elements (and entanglements) of LOVE.  For this season, we played with the concept of Fire Island Pines, circa 1980. Everything is excessive: The parties, the boys, the fabrics, the tea dances, and yes, even our community.  It’s a time of Renaissance and of the disco, seen through a contemporary lens. In this case, a 35mm lens.

We began with the idea of celebrating coming together, again, even if for a short moment in time. Some would say, there is no greater pleasure than a Fire Island LOVE. Sometimes they last only minutes; sometimes they last a lifetime.

We began designing ’23 right after shooting SS22. This season was so fun to conceptualize!  We’ve added a brief that’s perfectly cut for the everyday guy. And yes, it feels as good as it looks. Our swimsuit line is more diverse than ever, with nine suits exploring everything from the final frontier to the trans community. 

And yet, not everyone enjoys a traditional swim brief, so we’ve added a Brazilian Sunga, creating a product that’s both functional and sexy… gentlemen, it is PURE HONEY.